About Richard James from FishKeepingAnswers.Com

FishKeepingAnswers.com has one goal, to help others in the fish keeping hobby!

I've been keeping tropical fish for nearly 30 years. Over that time I've done it all! I have worked in a local fish store, I have bred countless fish, I have built multi-tank recirulating systems and I have spent time sharing my experiences with others.

I've had great success and I've made some really foolish maistakes (like the time I bought an Asain Walking Catfish).

My current favorite tank is the planted tetra tank in the photo above. It only took a year to establish and is full of color and movement all the time.

One of my favorite aspects of fish keeping is breeding. I love to set up a dedicated tank and watch the fish settle in and feel comfortable enough to breed. It's incredibly satisfying to watch the fish go through a courtship ritual, then lay and care for the egss and ultimatley raise the fry to juvenile fish.

I started FishKeepingAnswers.com to have the opportunity to share my experiences of the fish keeping hobby with others. I am continually adding new content, so please feel free to check back in again soon!

How I wirte my articles

Every single article on my website is written by me. I research each article before writing and I try to make sure every article is as accurate as possible. There is a lot of rubbish written on the internet, and a lot of people just churn out the same rubbish facts they read on other blogs.

To research my articles I use published studies, I speak with experts in a given field and I carry out my own original research. At the end of every article I credit the sources of information, so if you wish to follow on and find out more about a given topic, the sources are there for you.

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