Are Fluval Bug Bites Good For Fish? (Solved!)

Are Fluval Bug Bites good food for fish? Yes, Fluval Bug Bites are good food for tropical and cold-water fish. Bug Bites are a complete tropical food that is high in protein, palatable to fish, and sustainably harvested. Bug Bites are suitable for guppies, rasboras, tetras, goldfish, and large cichlids as well as shrimps and turtles.

Bug Bites are a range of dry fish foods made by Fluval. They are primarily based around insect larvae and come in a range of different-sized pellets to suit different size fish. I have been feeding Bug Bites to my fish for a couple of years now. At the time of writing, in my fish room, I have 5 different types of Bug Bites and just about every fish I own gets Bug Bites a couple of times a week.

What Are Fluval Bug Bites Made From?

The number one ingredient in Fluval Bug Bites is Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Black Soldier Fly Larvae are easily digested and are an ideal food source for omnivorous fish. They are naturally high in protein and closely resemble the type of foods many fish would consume in the wild. Black Soldier Fly Larvae are also sustainably sourced by Fluval.

Salmon is the second highest ingredient in Bug Bites. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 and 6, both of which are essential for healthy skin, scales, fins, and colors. Bug Bites also contains concentrated fish protein which provides amino acids that are beneficial to your fish and contribute to healthy fatty acids.

Peas, potatoes, and wheat are the next major ingredients in Bug Bites. The peas are a natural source of carbohydrates for your fish, as are the potatoes. The peas and the wheat provide a natural source of fiber. The potato acts as a natural binder for the food, reducing the need for artificial binders which offer no nutritional value to the fish.

All the ingredients in Bug Bites are highly digestible and there are no artificial colors or flavors.

What Is So Good About Bug Bites?

There are multiple benefits to feeding your fish Bug Bites. The first, and certainly most important reason for my fish tanks, is the fish seem to love eating it. I put a pinch in and every fish in the aquarium eats it and eats it quickly.

Secondly, the quality of ingredients is high, meaning when the fish eat Bug Bites, they get a mouth full of goodness. Fewer artificial fillers in the food mean less waste ends up in the tank, affecting your aquarium water quality.

What Types Of Foods Are There In The Range?

The Bug Bites range has been developed so the food is suitable for as many different species of fish as possible. There are a number of different products in the range and some of the products have different delivery methods (eg granules and flakes)

Tropical Formula

The tropical formula has been developed for general community fish. The tropical formula is available in micro granules (for small to medium fish), regular granules (for medium to large fish), and flakes.

The micro granules are very small. I have fed them to Tetras, smaller livebearers, and juvenile fish like Angelfish and Gourami. The granules work well for fish that want to feed from the surface and fish that want to feed in the mid-water due to the fact that some granules sink immediately, whilst others float for a bit before sinking.

Cichlid Formula

Bug Bites Cichlid Formula has many of the same ingredients as the Tropical Formula but has been developed specially for highly active and aggressive fish live African and South American Cichlids. When developing the Cichlid Formula, Fluval was aware that aggressive cichlids often have fins nipped and bodies damaged whilst fighting. Cichlid Formula helps fish repair their body and fins.

Goldfish Formula

The Goldfish Formula is higher in fiber than other products in the range. Goldfish Formula has been developed to allow cold-water fish to fully process the food whilst it passes through their intestinal tract. Goldfish Formula comes in granules and pellets, allowing you to choose a food size that best suits your goldfish.

The goldfish granules are perfect for small to medium-sized goldfish, whereas the pellets are definitely for larger fish. My 5” Fantails can only just eat the pellets.

Bottom Feeder/Pleco Formula

As well as the high-quality Black Soldier Fly Larvae, the Bottom Feeder and Pleco Formula include a healthy mix of animal proteins, vegetables, and fiber. These additional ingredients make Bottom Feeder Formula ideal for Ancistrus and plecos. The Pleco Formula comes in both granules and sticks to suit the size of your fish.

Color Enhancing Formula

Fluval’s Color Enhancing Bug Bites Formula has a significant quantity of shrimp added to the ingredients list. Shrimp increases the level of pigmentation in the fish, making them look brighter and healthier.

I can honestly say, the male guppies I feed Color Enhancing flakes to, have shown a significant improvement in their color. I feed both flakes and granules to my tanks.

Shrimp Formula

Unsurprisingly, Shrimp Formula has been developed with shrimp in mind. Shrimp Formula is high in Vitamin D and calcium, both of which shrimp require to build healthy exoskeletons when they molt.

Turtle Formula

Bug Bites Turtle Formula has been created to make sure pet turtles have a healthy body and a robust shell. Turtle Formula is a great source of niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, and potassium. Turtle Formula comes in small pellets and sticks.

Betta Formula

Bug Bites Betta Formula has been specially developed with a betta in mind. Bug Bites Betta contains the same level of high-quality Black Soldier Fly Larvae but also shrimp, meaning your betta is not only healthier but also shows more vibrant colors.

What Fish Are Bug Bites Suitable For?

Fluval Bug Bites have been formulated to appeal to as many fish species as possible. I have had success feeding them to dozens of different tetra species as well as rasboras and danios. Gouramis and angelfish also take to them quickly. Various species of corydoras in my care have readily accepted Bug Bites as have bristlenose plecos. My fancy goldfish also relish the Goldfish formula.

Bug Bites will also appeal to African and South American Cichlids as well as countless other species.

Other Good Points About Fluval Bug Bites

Bug Bites are created using sustainable methods. The Black Soldier Fly Larvae are cultivated under controlled conditions, fed, and raised of waste fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have ended up in landfills.

The Black Soldier Fly Larvae are dried and then mixed with high-quality ingredients including salmon, essential amino acids, and minerals.

In Conclusion

Fluval Bug Bites have been created for those fish keepers who know the importance of feeding high-quality foods to their fish. They have also been developed with sustainability in mind.

Whatever species of fish you keep, choose a food from the Bug Bites range that best suits the way your fish like to eat. Floating, sinking, small pellets, sticks, or flakes, there is a Bug Bites food that will work for you.

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