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About Richard James

I’ve been keeping tropical fish for nearly 30 years. Over that time I’ve done it all! I have worked in a local fish store, I have bred countless fish, I have built multi-tank recirculating systems and I have spent time sharing my experiences with others.

Why Are My Corydoras Dying (10 reasons with solutions)?

I am a huge fan of Corydoras Catfish. I have been keeping and breeding many species of Corydoras for over 20 years. I have bred and sold Panda Corydoras, Pygmy Corydoras, and Peppered Corydoras to name just three. They are one of the fish I recommend breeding for profit. Corydoras make a great addition to … on YouTube

The YouTube channel offers an ever-growing list of videos featuring guppies, goldfish, puffer fish, and tank maintenance tips, tricks, and advice.


Guppies are probably the most popular live-bearing fish kept in the hobby. They are available in an ever-growing range of colors.

Puffer Fish

Over the last 10 to 15 years, puffer fish have seen a huge surge in popularity. From the tiny Dwarf Puffer to the mighty Mbu Puffer.


Goldfish have been kept for hundreds of years. These days they are as popular as ever with dozens of varieties of fancy goldfish to choose from.

Best Filter For Small Aquariums A Complete Guide for 2022 (with pictures)

Keeping tropical fish has been a popular hobby for well over 50 years. I myself have been hooked for 30 years or more. Over my time in the hobby, I have seen a massive rise in the popularity of smaller tanks. Whereas in the past, fish keepers tended to have a single, large tank, they …

Bolivian Ram – Ulitmate Guide to Keeping, Feeding, and Breeding

Bolivian Rams are small but colorful members of the Cichlid family. They originate from the Madeira basin in Bolivia and Brazil, inhabiting slower-flowing streams, small lakes, and flooded areas of the forest.

Unlike their cousin the German Blue Ram, Bolivian Rams haven’t been bred into a range of different color morphs. They are usually just sold in their natural color form.

Fahaka Puffer
(Tetraodon lineatus) Keeping, Breeding & Feeding

The Fahaka Puffer (Tetraodon lineatus) is the second-largest pufferfish kept in the freshwater hobby. They can grow up to about 18 inches (45cm) long. Fahaka Puffers can be found in the Nile River in Africa, which contributes to their common name, the Nile Puffer…

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