Can Betta Fish Eat Bug Bites? (Interesting Outcome!)

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Betta fish are true carnivores, but luckily most Bettas readily take prepared fish foods like flakes and pellets.  In recent years there has been an increase in the number of foods designed for Bettas, and the quality of those foods has improved dramatically.

Betta fish will readily eat Fluval Bug Bites.  Bug Bites are primarily made from Black Soldier Fly Larvae and is high in protein.  The ingredients in Bugs Bites closely resemble a Bettas natural diet and are enriched with multiple quality proteins and carbohydrates.

Can Betta Fish Eat Fluval Bug Bites?​

I have been feeding my Bettas Bug Bites for a while now, and I don’t think any of my Bettas refuse to eat them.  I have fed my Bettas the dedicated Bug Bites Betta Formula as well as their micro pellets and color-enhancing flakes.  I don’t usually give my Bettas flakes, but they did eat them.

Whilst Bettas will eat any of the products in the Bug Bites range, there is a specific product designed especially for Bettas (It is good value on

The good thing about Bug Bites is that it floats for a long time, meaning it remains on the surface, exactly where the Bettas want to eat it. 

Bettas prefer to eat from the surface if they can, although they will eat the pellets mid-water if they are a slow sinking pellet.

Bettas evolved to eat bugs and insects that land on the surface of their ponds and stream.

What is Fluval Bug Bites?​

Bug Bites is described by the manufacturer as A complete fish food. 

The unique selling point of Bug Bites is that the formula is based largely around insect larvae, closely mimicking a Bettas natural diet.  The main ingredient (up to 40%) is insect larvae.  Prodomentily Black Soldier Fly larvae.

Further ingredients include salmon, which is high in Omega 3 and 6. Omega 3 and 6 help keep Betta’s skin, scales, and fins healthy.  The Bug Bites Betta Formula also includes shrimp which helps enhance a Betta’s colors.

Fluval says that Bug Bites contains no artificial fillers, colors, or preservatives.

How Much Bug Bites Should Be Fed To A Betta?​

How much to feed a Betta is hotly debated amongst Betta keepers.  It is probably fair to say most of us feed our Bettas too much.

I usually drop a small pinch of food into my Bettas aquariums and wait for them to eat it all.  If they eat it quickly, I add another pinch.  I prefer to feed my Bettas 3 or 4 small meals a day rather than one large one.

If we feed our Bettas too much in one go, some of the food will sink past the Betta and may land behind decorations or inside plants where it will sit and rot, possibly fouling the water.

By adding a little Bug Bites at a time, there is a good chance the Betta will eat it all before it sinks past him.

Can Bettas Eat Bug Bites Troical Formula?​

In theory, Bettas can eat ANY of the products in the Bug Bites range, including the Tropical formula.  The only ones I wouldn’t feed to my Bettas are the larger pellets or the pellets designed to sink for bottom dwellers.

What Other Foods Can Bettas Eat?​

I firmly believe when it comes to feeding Bettas, variety is the key to success.  I like to feed my Bettas little and often, and ideally 2 or 3 different foods each day.

I feed my Bettas Bug Bites as well as Vibra Bites which is made by Hikari.  I also feed a lot of frozen foods to my Bettas.  

I tend to feed my Bettas a lot of frozen bloodwormsdaphnia, and mosquito larvae. I would also feed lots of live foods to my Bettas, but I don’t have a reliable supply near to where I live.

My Final Thoughts on ‘Can Betta Fish Eat Bug Bites?’​

I am a huge fan of Bug Bites. All of my Bettas love eating them as do many of the other fish in my fish room.

I would recommend Bug Bites to anyone who has a Betta, especially if that Betta was their only fish and they just wanted to buy one food to feed their Betta all the time.

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