Can Congo Tetras Live With Angelfish? (Explained)

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Can Congo Tetras Live With Angelfish? Yes, Congo Tetras can live with Angelfish. Although both Congo Tetras and Angelfish are considered mildly aggressive species, both only tend to be aggressive to their own kind. Congo Tetras can be a little nippy, but only towards other Congo Tetras.

Congo Tetras are truly beautiful fish. When the light catches a mature male, its coloration is simply outstanding. Angelfish are also beautiful fish, and one of the most popular in the fishkeeping hobby. Having the two species in the same aquarium would look awesome.

Are Congo Tetras Aggressive To Angelfish?

No, Congo Tetras won’t be aggressive to the Angelfish. Although Congo Tetra males can be rambunctious, they only really tend to pick at one another. Congo Tetras are very rarely aggressive towards other fish.

One of the concerns with Angelfish is that other fish in the aquarium will pick at the Angelfish’s long, trailing fins. Tiger Barbs for instance are known for picking at fish with long flowing fins like Angelfish and Gouramis. In my experience, Congo Tetras aren’t interested in Angelfish at all.

Angelfish are known to eat very small fish, but Congo Tetras will reach around 4” (10cm) long and so there is no danger the Angelfish will eat the Congo Tetras.

What Size Aquarium For Congo Tetras And Angelfish?

You can keep a school of Congo Tetras in an aquarium from 55-gallons upwards. 6 or 8 Congo Tetras will work well. Angelfish on the other hand, which can grow up to 6” (15cm), will need a larger tank. I would want to see a small group of Angelfish in an aquarium which is at least 75-gallons.

If I was planning to keep a school of Congo Tetras with a small group of Angelfish, I would go with a 125-gallon or a 155-gallon aquarium. The extra space will make a great deal of difference. Angelfish like a bit of swimming space, so the longer the tank you get the happier they will be.

How To Setup An Aquarium For Congo Tetras And Angelfish?

Both Congo Tetras and Angelfish like a well-planted aquarium. Tall plants like Vallisneria or Amazon Swords work really well as do some of the taller members of the Crypotcoryne family such as C. wendtii. Planting along the back of the aquarium and down one or both sides, but leaving the center open for swimming will look great and make the fish feel secure.

Aquarium-safe wood or rocks will help give a ‘natural’ feel to the aquarium. Neither Congo Tetras nor Angelfish are especially fussy about what substrate you choose.

Are There Any Potential Problems Keeping Congo Tetras With Angelfish?

One potential problem when keeping Congo Tetras with Angelfish is the fact that Congo Tetras are much faster swimmers than Angelfish. This could mean the Congo Tetras have the opportunity to dominate the food. To get around this problem, when feeding the aquarium, take the time to make sure the Angelfish get sufficient food.

The Congo Tetras will eat fast and hard, but will soon have their fill, meaning you can get some food to the Angelfish.

Both Congo Tetras and Angelfish will appreciate mini pellets. One major advantage of mini pellets is, after you drop a handful into the aquarium, some of the pellets will float, whilst others slowly sink.

As the pellets sink slowly they pass through the water column. Congo Tetras will eat from the surface or mid-water, whereas the Angelfish prefer to eat mid-water.

What Other Fish Can Go With Congo Tetras And Angelfish?

There are a good many fish that can be added to your Congo Tetra/Angelfish aquarium. Rummy Nose Tetras and Cardinal Tetras will both work well, as would many members of the Rasbora family such as Harlequin Rasbora. I keep a large group of Harlequin Rasbora with my Congo Tetras.

Other fish that would work include Bristlenose Plecos and Rubber Lipped Plecos, both of which form the basis of a good ‘clean-up crew’ for your aquarium. There are also many members of the Corydoras family that will fit.

I have around 50 Corydoras in with my Congo Tetras. The joy of keeping Corydoras is they will vacuum up all the food which passes by the Congo Tetras and Angelfish.

My Final Thoughts

In my experience, Congo Tetras will work well in the same aquarium as Angelfish providing the tank is large enough and set up appropriately. Add plenty of live plants along with a few rocks or pieces of aquarium wood and your tank will look great and be successful.

Make sure the Congo Tetras can’t dominate the food and be aware of Angelfish pairing off to breed. A mated pair of Angelfish will change the dynamics of the aquarium, and not for the better!

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