Kribensis – Frequently Asked Questions

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Below I have addressed some of the questions about Kribensis that I am asked on a regular basis. If you are looking for an in-depth care guide to Kribensis, please check out my Kribensis Care Guide.

What Do Kribensis Eat?

Kribensis are omnivores. This means they need a mix of foods in their diets. For healthy Kribensis you should feed a mixture of flakes and pellets as well as frozen or live bloodworm, daphnia, brine shrimp, and mosquito larvae.

Kribensis inhabit the lower areas of the aquarium, so feed them foods that sink. If your Kribensis are kept in a community tank with other fish, make sure you feed enough food so some get past the fish feeding at the higher levels. If you are planning to breed your Kribensis, feed them a higher quantity of live and frozen foods.

Are Kribensis Cichlids Aggressive?

Kribensis are considered placid fish that are safe to keep in a community aquarium. They will generally keep themselves to themselves. The exception to this however is when Kribensis are spawning.

Kribensis are dedicated parents and they will defend their babies aggressively. If you wish to keep Kribensis in a community aquarium, take steps to stop them from spawning.

Can Kribensis Be Kept Alone?

It is fine to keep a single Kribensis in an aquarium. Kribensis are not social fish, they don’t need to be kept with other Kribensis. A single Kribensis in a community tank can actually be beneficial to the other tank mates as they are only aggressive when they are defending their babies.

Are Kribensis A Schooling Fish?

Kribensis are not schooling fish. When it comes to spawning, Kribensis choose a mate and the pair are monogamous for life, but otherwise, take no interest in other Kribensis in their aquarium.

Do Kribensis Eat Their Fry?

Kribensis fish are excellent parents. As a general rule, they will not eat their own fry. Both parents take full responsibility for their fry from the moment their eggs are fertilized. For the first 3 to 4 weeks after the eggs hatch the parents will tend to the fry every need. The parents will protect their fry from any fish that strays too near them.

After about 4 weeks, once the parents are ready to spawn again, they will chase the fry away from the cave.

I recently wrote a whole article addressing the subject of Why Do Kribensis Eat Their Babies?

Can Kribensis Live With Guppies?

Yes, Kribensis can live with guppies. In fact, having active fish like guppies in with Kribensis can actually help your Kribensis feel safe and encourage them to spend more time out in the open. The guppies will act as a dither fish, reassuring the Kribensis that the aquarium is free from predators.

For more suggestions of Kribensis tank mates, take a look at this article on Kribensis Tank Mates.

Can You Keep Kribensis With Red Cherry Shrimp?

No, you can’t keep Kribensis with red cherry shrimp as the Kribs will eat the shrimp. Kribs are omnivores, meaning they will eat almost anything that fits in their mouth. This includes shrimp and fry from other fish.

Can You Keep Kribensis With African Cichlids?

There are two reasons you should NOT keep Kribensis with African Cichlids. Firstly, African Cichlids are too aggressive and may bully the more peaceful Kribensis. Secondly, African Cichlids like hard water with a pH of around 8.0, whereas Kribensis prefer softer water with a lower pH of around 7-7.5

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