Do Fahaka Puffers Jump? (A quick answer)

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Although Fahaka Puffers don’t spend a lot of time jumping out of the water, they will jump out of the aquarium given the opportunity. It is best to keep your Fahaka Puffer in an aquarium with a tight-fitting lid.

Freshwater Pufferfish have really grown in popularity over the last decade or so. For most people, a Fahaka Puffer is the biggest pufferfish they will ever own. Fahaka Puffers become genuine ‘Wet Pets’. They soon grow into being part of the family.

I have been keeping puffer fish for more than 10 years. Currently, I have two Fahaka Puffers and I keep them both their own 155 gallons (600 liters) aquariums.

Why Do Fahaka Puffers Jump

It can be hard to know exactly why a Fahaka Puffer jumps out of the water. Some of the most common reasons fish jump are;

  • Poor water quality
  • Low oxygen levels
  • Being scared or startled

Poor water quality

Water quality in a Fahaka Puffer aquarium can deteriorate very quickly, especially once they become large. An 18” (45cm) puffer eats a lot and poops a lot.

Filtration is important when housing Fahaka Puffers, but regular water changes maybe even more important. With my Fahaka Puffers, I carry out a 25% water change every week without fail. I also test the water using an API Master Test Kit (like this one from Amazon) and if I have any concerns about water quality, I carry out an additional 25% water change.

Low oxygen levels

Low oxygen levels are fundamentally tied to poor water quality. When the water deteriorates the oxygen levels can quickly drop. High water temperature can also cause the levels of dissolved oxygen to drop. Warm water holds less dissolved oxygen than cold water. The warmer the water, the less oxygen will be available to your Fahaka Puffer.

To make sure oxygen levels don’t drop too low, try adding an airstone. I run at least one airstone in every aquarium I own. The list of benefits from running an airstone is almost endless.

Being scared or startled

If your Fahaka puffer is scared, maybe of a predator fish, or startled because of something going on outside the aquarium, it may cause it to jump in panic. It is unlikely a full-grown Fahaka Puffer is scared of much, but a small Fahaka certainly could be easily startled.

Making sure you don’t have any larger tank mates in with your Fahaka Puffer reduces the chances it might try to jump from the aquarium.

How To Stop Fahaka Puffer Jumping

There is essentially one sure-fire way to stop a Fahaka Puffer from jumping from its aquarium, and that is to make sure the aquarium has a tight-fitting lid. A good, tight-fitting lid will also reduce water evaporation from your aquarium.

Setting up a Fahaka Puffer aquarium properly will make your Fahaka Puffer feel safe. Although Fahaka Puffers grow large, they still need the security of somewhere to hide. Depending on the personality of your Fahaka, those hiding places might come in the form of large rocks, live plants, or just a sand substrate so he can bury himself if he wants to.

In Conclusion

It is rare for a Fahaka Puffer to jump from its aquarium, especially a larger Fahaka Puffer, but there are reports of it happening. The number of forum posts I have read and answered that were titled ‘why did my puffer jump?’ is surprising.

I would recommend a good quality, tight-fitting lid for EVERY aquarium. All fish have the ability to jump and coming home to find your prized pet on the carpet is never nice.

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